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CanESS web portal launch and fall Webinars

whatIf? Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of, the new portal for the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS).

The site offers a layered approach to learning about what the model does, how it works and how you can use it. The front page is a quickly readable “storyboard” with links to more detailed technical documentation. For those wishing to take an even deeper dive, we have developed an online user guide including a YouTube playlist of platform tutorial videos.

Starting in the fall of 2014 whatIf will be hosting a webinar series in conjunction with academic partner Professor David Layzell (Director, CESAR, University of Calgary). The first webinar, entitled Introduction to CESAR and CanESS is scheduled for Wednesday October 22 2014, 1-2 pm EDT. The webinar will include a live walkthrough of the energy systems visualizations from (powered by CanESS datasets) and a high-level description of how CanESS works. Register here (no cost).

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