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Model Hosting

whatIf? Technologies provides a hosting service for models running on the whatIf? Modelling Platform.

  • Clients access models from their PC Desktops via the internet.

  • Models are hosted on either dedicated or shared servers located on whatIf? Technologies' premises.

  • Security is assured through the use of virtual private network (VPN) technology.

  • whatIf? Technologies staff performs server management tasks, including the creation and deletion of user accounts, incremental and full backups, recovery of files from backups, and usage monitoring.

  • whatIf? Technologies analysts may be engaged to update model databases and maintain client models.

The extent to which clients engage our model-hosting and related services is flexible. Some clients opt to be self-sufficient and maintain in-house technical expertise. Others, with limited technical resources, require ongoing assistance for maintenance and data updates, allowing them to focus on core modelling and analysis competencies.

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