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whatIf? Platform Overview

The whatIf?® Modelling Platform is a unique and powerful environment for the development of systems models and their use in scenario analysis, strategic planning, policy analysis, decision support and education.

The platform includes facilities for interactive data analysis, data management, reporting and documentation that are integral to the process of model development. Furthermore, whatIf? is not confined to a single mathematical paradigm or analytical technique whether that be optimization, econometrics, agent or event simulation, or differential equations (system dynamics). Learn more about the components that comprise the platform below


A Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool that supports the design, documentation and implementation of simulation models


The Scenario and Model Management (SAMM) software facilitates the creation, display and comparison of of scenarios


A high-level interactive language for manipulating structured data, such as muli-dimensional arrays


Interactive display and creation of data objects using line graphics


Interactive, cartographic display of geographically referenced data objects


Interactive, tabular display and creation of multidimensional data objects

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