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Training & Support


Our experience shows that training is best accomplished in the context of a client's specific application. For this reason, much training occurs during a whatIf? model implementation, centered around the client's model. Training may also be performed during model support and update activities.

Three levels of proficiency in whatIf? software can be distinguished:


  • Model User - Once a model has been implemented, learning to use the Scenario and Model Manager (SAMM) interface to create scenarios is straightforward and may take one or two days. The only prerequisite is some model domain knowledge.

  • Advanced Model User - Views - custom scripts for scenario creation or report generation - are developed throughout a model's life cycle, and so clients may wish to learn the skills required to design and implement new views. This requires a working knowledge of the TOOL language and advanced knowledge of the whatIf? environment. This level of proficiency may be reached by analysts with some degree of mathematical literacy and some domain knowledge within two to three weeks.

  • Model Designer (with Implementation and Calibration) - Model design is as much an art as a science, requiring a combination of problem domain knowledge, the applied mathematics appropriate for the problem domain, systems-thinking skills and creativity. Our modellers can advise on issues of design drawing from their experience in a number of problem domains. Implementation of models in whatIf? requires a full understanding of the whatIf? suite and underlying concepts, including the Documenter CASE software, the TOOL language, and the SAMM interface. The learning curve here is significant and the time required to become proficient is measured in months.

A variety of documentation is available for the whatIf? software suite, including step-by-step tutorials and reference guides.



whatIf? Technologies provides phone, email and webconference support for the whatIf? Modelling Platform, custom models and application products. Our in-house model design and software engineering expertise allows us to offer prompt resolution to support issues and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

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