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CESAR (Canada Energy Systems Analysis Research) is an initiative of Dr. David Layzell, a professor at the University of Calgary, to encourage and communicate research and critical analysis around the transformation of Canada’s energy systems. The primary goals of CESAR are to elevate the conversation across Canada around energy systems choices and to inform policy and investment decisions regarding the transformation of Canada’s energy systems towards sustainability.

whatIf? Technologies provides access its CanESS model to CESAR for research and teaching. CESAR also uses CanESS data to develop publicly-available interactive energy systems visualizations. WIT and CESAR collaborate to provide consulting services pertaining to issues of energy systems policy and strategy to various levels of Canadian government, industry and NGOs.

Energy Futures Network

The Energy Futures Network (EFN) is a not-for-profit organization with a commitment to innovation, foresight and imagineering. Its mission is bringing together diverse parties involved in energy systems to seek innovative solutions and create action plans to address tomorrow’s energy challenges. EFN has encouraged the development of the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS) and collaborates with whatIf? Technologies in the preparation of special studies for clients based on the CanESS model.

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