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whatIf? provides facilities for the interactive cartographic display of TOOL objects that are geographically referenced. Like the graphical display, cartographics provided by whatIf? are intended for interactive display on the computer screen. This provides a powerful way of seeing variations in densities using colour shading techniques to designate density intervals. A manual animation feature allows changes in time to be seen at the click of a button. Data values associated with particular points, lines, or polygons can be seen by simply pointing and clicking at particular objects. Analogously, data associated with particular map features can be input by pointing and entering new values.

Geomap Features

  • Geomap provides both automatic and user-defined colour shading of data densities.

  • Geomap supports active and passive layers - one or more data objects referencing the same map can be displayed together - active layers contain data such as population counts or road network trips - passive layers overlay map features such as river systems for visual reference.

  • Point-and-click display of data values for selected points, lines or polygons.

  • Animation for displaying successive time slices at the click of a button.

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