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Your Energy Story web site launch featuring CanESS

whatIf? Technologies was front and centre at the official launch of Senator Elaine McCoy’s energy web site, Your Energy Story. This site is designed to support conversations about Canada’s energy outlook by helping Canadians visualize the connections between energy use and resource extraction. Your Energy Story presents this information as a logical flow that follows the types of questions one might ask while trying to learn about energy production and use in Canada. The concept is to start with a big picture then allow a visitor to delve deeper into any topic of interest.

Pictured at the launch event on Parliament Hill, from left to right: Shona Weldon (whatIf), Senator Elaine McCoy, Superintendent J. Greg Peters, Michael Hoffman (whatIf)

Senator McCoy recognized the need for Your Energy Story several years ago when a Senate colleague asked her where one could find consistent and comprehensive information on energy systems in Canada. To Senator McCoy’s surprise, there was no single repository of such information available. Senator McCoy decided to fill that gap, and the Your Energy Story project was born.

whatIf? is proud to have collaborated with Senator McCoy on this project over the past two years. Using the extensive historical database within the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS), whatIf? provided energy supply and demand as well as emissions data by province, sector, and fuel type. In addition to being a powerful tool for simulation analysis, CanESS is a one of a kind repository of calibrated historical energy data from 1978 to 2010. The CanESS calibration process ensures that the source data, which comes from multiple sources, are consistent with each other and coherent with the observed energy supply and demand statistics.

Please visit Your Energy Story at

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